Creating Exposure through the Arts (C.E.A.) is a non-profit located in Charlotte, North Carolina designed to educate and mentor youth by creating opportunities of exposure through the  arts.  Young artists will learn to be proficient in their craft under the supervision of professionals and volunteers.  After-school programs are conducted in various locations with local non-profit organizations (i.e. YMCA, Police Athletic League, Arts & Science Council, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Centers). 


C.E.A will empower, educate youth and create opportunities for artists to develop their talents while exposing them to new experiences and providing a vehicle of expression for a diverse group of individuals to showcase, preserve, cultivate and promote artistry.


C.E.A. will work with youth to develop their talents in various genres of the arts and showcase these abilities locally and nationally as we provide a vehicle to expose them to new experiences.


C.E.A. will be structured into five youth programs:

  • Photography Training: focusing on developing technical photography skills

  • Behind the Scenes Project: focusing on developing entrepreneurial skills

  • In My Own Words: focusing on the development of writing skills

  • Exposure: focusing on mentoring and internships

  • N2: a neighborhood newsletter combining the skills gained from the four programs above


Professional photographers, writers, and graphic artists will mentor students in each program. Participants will engage in activities including:

  • Developing portfolios through special events photography

  • Portraiture

  • Commercial photography

  • Photojournalism for newspapers, magazines, and websites

  • Journalism / Creative Writing


Arts & Science Council, Community School of the Arts, Profound Gentlemen, Wells Fargo Bank, YMCA of Greater Charlotte, Hope For Harvest, Charlotte Observer, The Charlotte Post, News 14 Carolina, Digital Optics Corporation, Uptown Magazine, Pink Soles, Girls Talk Foundation, The Ronald McDonald House, No Limit Larry Foundation, Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation, Chris Hope Foundation, Lydia's Legacy, Goodworks Media Group, Urban League of Central Carolinas, Creative Loafing, Elevate Magazine, YBL Alliance,  Pride Magazine, Charlotte Housing Authority, The Charlotte Post Foundation, With These Handz DJ Academy, The Dream Life Agency, Police Activities League