College, Career, and Life Readiness Resource Center

The look on your child’s face when they open an acceptance letter from their dream school is an unforgettable moment. Unfortunately, relying solely on in-school academic advisors to lead your child to this moment is not enough. These advisors are often spread thin due to being responsible for over 400 students per school year. To make matter worse, homeschooled students do not have direct access to a college advisor.

For this reason, we have spent the past 8 years helping over 4,000 students navigate their journey to college admission. We will give your child the one-on-one guidance they need to put their best foot forward during the biggest transition of their life.


Challenge Accepted:

(Selecting a rigorous coursework)

  • Audience: 8-12th grades

  • Honors (H)

  • International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Advanced Placement (AP)

  • Dual Enrollment (DE)

Acronym Showdown:

(SAT vs ACT)

  • Audience: 8-10th grades

  • Identifying the right test: SAT or ACT

  • Testing Schedule

  • Reporting scores to colleges

Write Right:

(Application essay writing)

  • Audience: 12th grade

  • Essay Advice

  • Topic Selection

  • Content Development

What’s Your Type:

(Types of colleges)

  • Audience: 12th grade

  • Community college

  • Four-Year University

  • Public vs Private

  • Historical Black Colleges/Universities (HBCU)

  • Types of college environments

Show Me the Money:

(Tuition funding 101)

  • Scholarships

  • Grants

  • Work Study

  • Loans

  • CSS Profile


Adulting 101:

(Career and Life Awareness)

  • Personality Assessment

  • Goal Setting

  • Internships, job shadowing, etc

  • Financial Simulation

  • Resume writing

  • Mock Interviews

Start & Finish:

(Matriculation and Persistence)

  • Ensure students acceptance of admissions

  • Confirm fall semester class registration

  • Send text message reminders throughout the semester

Tips + Tricks:

(Insider info)

  • Audience: 10-12th grades

  • Importance of email

  • How social media can help

  • Common App vs other applications

  • Balancing extra-curricular activities

  • Clubs/Organizations

  • Leveraging parent info

  • High school vs College graduation requirements